It is possible to run aNewSpring courses in another LMS. There are two ways to do so:

  • AICC server to server
  • LTI connection (Learning Tools Interoperability)
  • SCORM through the browser

AICC server to server

If your sign-up method of a course is set as 'External', you can export the course. (more information about coursesettings can be found in the article 'Creating a course'.

In the course settings you can give the LMS ID at the base of your screen. Choose Export AICC to download a zip file, in which the LMS ID will be processed.

LTI connection

The purpose of LTI is to connect learning systems with each other and to other service tools. aNewSpring is both LTI consumer and LTI provider. 

How you could use LTI can be found in our article 'Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)'.

SCORM through the browser

If you want to play SCORM via the browser, you will have to deal with cross domain scripting restrictions. This means that the browser does not accept that data comes from different domains. See the figure below:

It is up to the administrator of the LMS to set a reverse proxy, so it seems as if the content comes from their own domain. See the figure below:

Once your sign-up method of a course is set as 'External', it is possible to export the course. In the course settings the LMS ID can be entered.
The LMS ID will be processed in the zip file. The proxy prefix must refer to the domain that runs the LMS.

Click Export SCORM to download the zip file.

This zip file can then read into the LMS file.

It is very important that you test the aNewSpring courses thoroughly in the LMS. We do advise you to contact the aNewSpring Support Team.