The purpose of LTI is to connect learning systems with each other and to other service tools. aNewSpring is both LTI consumer and LTI provider.

LTI Provider

As LTI provider it is possible to run an aNewSpring course in another LMS.

To configure the connection, you need the following information:

- LTI link of the aNewSpring environment:

- LTI key
- LTI secret
- Custom course parameter

Send us an email to to request a key and secret.

The value of the custom course parameter is the external ID of the course. The parameter can be sent in 3 ways:

  • As part of the URL
  • As a custom parameter
    with custom parameter:
  • As a parameter in the URL

You can set the external ID at the course.

Click Settings and at the bottom of the page you will find Advanced settings where you can add a unique id.

LTI Consumer

Add a course of another LMS through LTI in aNewSpring.

Click in a template +Activity and add a new External activity.

Check the LTI box and enter the link to the other LMS, the key and the secret.

Make sure that you enable the option Assessment possible if you want LTI to be able to register the grade and finish the activity. If you want LTI to be able to overwrite an existing grade, you will also have to enable the option 

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