Buckaroo makes payments for the catalogue easier, because learners will get an access code right away after they pay. They can use this to access the course.
Buckaroo is known for a secure processing of online payments. With Buckaroo your customers can be sure that their payment details and personal details will be handled discreetly.


First sign a contract with Buckaroo. You can do this at http://www.buckaroo-payments.com/.


aNewSpring will need some details to be able to link to Buckaroo. Send these to aNewSpring at support@anewspring.com:

  • Merchant key. In Buckaroo go to Profile > Websites to find this.
  • Secret key. Go to Profile > Security > Secret Key, come up with a secret code and enter it here.
  • Payment methods that you would like to use (e.g. iDeal, creditcard)
  • Which user in the learning environment should receive e-mails about new orders?

There are some more things that need to be set up right in Buckaroo to facilitate an automatic delivery of access codes from aNewSpring. These are the push settings.
After a succesful payment Buckaroo will automatically give a sign to aNewSpring after which the user will automatically receive an access code or registration link.
Go to Profile > Websites > Push settings.
These are the important settings:

(replace example.anewspring.com with a link to your own learning environment)

  • HTTP-method: POST
  • 3.0 BPE return fields: lowercase letters


You can test the link. You will not need to do a real payment to do this. aNewSpring can put the payment system in the test mode, to do this contact support@anewspring.com
To make this work, Buckaroo needs to allow test transactions. This is a checkbox which you will find at Profiel > Websites > 3.0 Settings.