You can use Stripe to make the payment process for the catalogue a lot easier, because learners will receive an access code for their cours(es) right after their payment has been confirmed. Stripe is known for safely processing online payments, which can help to gain your customers' trust when it comes handling their payment and personal details discretely.

The benefit of Stripe is that you will only start paying once you've sold something.

1) Create an account

You can do this at

2) Send the linking data to aNewSpring

You can send the following details to

  • Publishable key. After logging in, click API on the left to find this.
  • Secret key. Click the button Reveal test key token
  • Desired payment methods. Possibilities: iDeal or creditcard.*
  • Desired currency. Possibilities: Euro or US Dollars*
  • Signing secret. Click the tab Webhooks and click + Add endpoint. Enter the link to the learning environment followed by /stripe at URL to be called, for example Click Receive all events, click the URL and then Click to reveal to find the Signing secret.

*Do let us know if you need the option of another payment method or currency.

3) Select a catalogue manager

You have to select this to continue setting up the catalogue. To do this, go to the tab Settings -> Advanced settings -> Catalogue manager. This person will receive a notification of each new order. For this you can select a reseller with the rights for the concerning subenvironment.

Articles that can help you with this:
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