• The default mail notifications don't suit your requirements and you would like to provide the learners with more information.

Which role do you need


Some experience with HTML is necessary to edit the notifications.

Go to the Settings tab and expand Advanced settings. Near the bottom you will find the button Edit e-mail contents.


Edit the notifications

  1. First select the right subenvironment at Subenvironment.
  2. Choose the language of the mail that you want to edit.
  3. Select the notification that you want to edit at Mail in the left column.
  4. You can edit the text in the Content field.
  5. Place the cursor in the mail text and choose the parameter that you want to add at Parameter options. Place the cursor on the parameter to see which effect it will have.
  6. Under the tab Platform notification you will find the text that you can see on the dashboard at 'My updates'. Not each mail has a platform notification.
  7. Click the button Restore original text to undo your changes.
  8. Click Show preview to see a preview of the notification.
  9. Click the dropdown arrow at Show preview to send the notification to yourself.
  10. Finally, click Update to save your changes.

Are there specific emails that you want to prevent from being sent at all? Completely remove the mail text and learners will never receive it. To make sure, you do have to remove the text from all subenvironments and languages.

Changed emails

You can recognise a changed notification by the little bullet icon before the name. Hover over this icon with your mouse cursor to see a list of languages for which the text has been changed.

For technical reasons, a number of notifications are not changeable yet. These are the notifications that learners get if...

  • they ordered a catalogue product.
  • the catalogue manager approved an order.