Using a glossary will enable you to explain certain words/terms. The specified terms will be underlined and when clicking on it, the given definition will be shown.
This function only works within content parts.

Create a Glossary

Where can I add a glossary?

When on the Content page, click on More next to the content library you want to add the glossary items to. Then select the option Glossary.

How do I add terms to the glossary?

When in the glossary overview, click on +Term to add a term to the glossary. This term will be underlined in the content parts.
When creating a new term, you also need to add a definition (or discription) to explain that specific term. This text will be shown when clicking on the underlined word.
You can also add a synonym to that specific term. You can add this by clicking on +Synonym in the glossary overview.

How do I remove terms from the glossary?

Select the terms you like to remove and click on Remove or on the red cross behind the term.

Importing a Glossary

It is possible to import a Glossary. You can download this ZIP-file and use it as an example to import Glossary.

Create a CSV Excel file with the name glossary.csv. The file needs to be semicolon delimited. In the first column you can type in the term, in the second column the explanation. Put the file in a ZIP-file and import it as internal content in a content library.

Using the Glossary

Where can I select the Glossary for use in a template?

Navigate to the Courses tab in the main menu and click on Edit behind the template where you want to use the glossary.

Click Select glossaries in the documentation widget.

How do I select the glossary?

Select the glossary you want to use and click Update.