Important changes regarding the transition of servers on the 6th of August 2018

Last modified: 2018-06-26 09:41:32 +0200

aNewSpring grows fast. To make sure we can maintain our optimal performance and keep developing the platform in the future, we will move our data servers to another data centre within the EU. The move is scheduled on the 6th of August 2018, around 11 PM (CEST). During the transition the platform will most likely be unavailable for approximately 30 tot 60 minutes.

The transition of servers also brings two changes that might be relevant for your firewall settings.

  1. The outgoing IP addresses of our servers (that are used to communicate between our servers and those of our client, for example for WebHooks) change. If you have added our existing IP-addresses in your (incoming) firewall, these will have to be changed.
    • The old IP addresses: and
    • The new IP addresses: and

  2. The ingoing IP addresses of our 'loadbalancers' (which are the entrance to our servers) will become variable. At the moment these are fixed. If you have added these IP addresses in your (outgoing) firewall (to prevent users form going to other websites other than aNewSpring), these will have to be removed. If you want to establish a restriction on access, this will have to be done via a domain restriction (for example by using a proxy):
    • The old situation: the IP addresses and will expire. These can no longer be used as a restriction on access.
    • The new situation: the ongoing IP addresses become variable. Instead of IP restrictions, you will need to setup a restriction based on domain. (for example

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