How to add a retry / re-exam to your learning journey

Last modified: 2018-03-14 14:02:45 +0100

How do I add a retry (or re-exam) to my?

In aNewSpring there are two direct ways to add a retry for an assessment.

  • Random assessment activity with multiple attempts.
  • Multiple assessment activities with conditions

Add a retry with a random assessment (multiple attempts)

For this option you will need 'Exam terms'. When you have added the exam terms, you can create a random assessment with multiple attempts.

To do this, go to your template and add a new activity. Choose 'Random assessment'. Select which exam terms should be used to generate questions.

Next, go to 'Properties'. Check the box at 'New attempt is only available when the learner has failed the previous attempt'. You can also add a maximum amount of attempts. You do need to set a score.

Add a retry using multiple assessment activities and conditions

For this variety you will need to create multiple assessment activities. An assessment activity can have questions selected directly, or you can use exam terms as well. When the assessment you created is ready and has a threshold, you can do the same for other assessments. Let's say you now have three assessments. When you edit the second assessment, go the the tab 'Conditions' and add the condition 'after activity "X" is completed with result "X"'. Select the first assessment and choose 'failed'. This process can be repeated for the third assessment, with a condition that refers to the second assessment. You now have three assessments, with two retry's. 

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