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Last modified: 2018-09-12 12:00:09 +0200

A personalized iPhone and Android app for you and your learners to enjoy. The aNewSpring App in your own look & feel and with your own brand name will make sure it is more easily found by your learners in the App Store or Google Play. The learner doesn't have to fill in a URL but the app will log in to the right learning environment right away. After downloading, learners can directly start their course. The cost of a custom app is $2500, - per year, this includes maintenance and updates.

Before we can start developing the app, please follow the steps.

1) Create an Apple ID

For the iPhone app it is necessary that the app will be published in the developer- and store account of your organization. You can add aNewSpring developers to this account and give us access to the custom aNewSpring app only. 

Our support team will fill in the store data and visuals. This Apple account will cost $100,- per year. 

Go to step 3 when your organisation already has an Apple Developer Program. 

Click Account at https://developer.apple.com/

Click Create Apple ID

Go through the process to create the account and log in again via https://developer.apple.com/

2) Join the 'Apple Developer Program'

Click Join the Apple Developer Program.

Click Enroll

Click Start your enrollment.

You can easily request a D-U-N-S number for free via http://europe.dnb.com/find-my-DUNS/. You will receive the number immediately by e-mail

Choose Company/Organization and Continue.

Enter the further details. Apple will check your account first before you are enrolled, so it can take some days before your account is active. 

Once you have access, log in again on your Apple developer account.

3) Give aNewSpring access as 'Developer' in your account 

Click People.

Click Invite people.

Invite as Admins the following accounts:

  • development@anewspring.com
  • support@anewspring.nl

Then aNewSpring must accept the invitation for both accounts. After that, you can proceed step 4.

4) Give aNewSpring access to iTunes Connect

Log in with your Apple ID at https://itunesconnect.apple.com

Click Users and Roles

Click the to add the developers and the support team to iTunes Connect.

Add two accounts: 

5) Give roles to the aNewSpring accounts

You can check the role App Manager for the development account and give support the roles App Manager and Customer Support. Support will add the required texts and visuals to the app within the store.

Once the app has been added by us, on this page at Apps you can indicate that the account can only get access to your Custom aNewSpring app.

6) Set up notifications per role

Click on a user at the iTunes Connect Users overview -> tab Notifications

Choose All Territories at App Status Reports for the Support aNewSpring account.

7) Send aNewSpring app texts, visuals and the approval document 

Before we can start developing the app, we will need to receive information and images.

Attached to this article, you will find a form per language. You will only have to fill in the forms for the languages you would like to use. If a learner's language is not supported by the app, it will be displayed in English.

You will also find a folder with example images and you can find more information about the requirements in the app form.

Furthermore we need a confirmation for Google and Apple, that we are allowed to use your name and logo legally. In the attached ZIP file you will find the document 'Approval'. We would like to receive it signed and filled out.

Once we have received all the obligatory information and images, we can start the development process. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@anewspring.com.

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