What settings cannot be altered after publishing?

Last modified: 2017-07-17 14:32:15 +0200

After you have published a course template, not all settings can be altered. This has to do with the possible complications that might occur during their training, if these settings should be changed. 

The following settings cannot be altered while the template is published:

  • Alter or remove previously created activities
    (Some settings can be changed at certain activities)
  • Alter or remove previously created blocks
  • Alter or remove previously added conditions
  • Alter the course type
  • Adding, removing or altering learning objectives (renaming is possible)
  • Alter the learning profile target(s)
  • Adding, removing or altering exam terms
  • Alter the training type of the MemoTrainer
  • The option 'Make questions MemoTrainable after activity is completed' is not available
  • Alter the settings of the Extra practices
Activities in a published course template cannot be removed, but you can hide them. Read more about how to depublish a course template.

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