Status of learners: active, inactive or archived

Last modified: 2017-02-28 13:46:02 +0100

Tab: Active

To find a specific user, you can use the search tool or select users with a particular role at 'Only show user with role:'. Click on the button 'Log in as' to login as the specific user. Click on 'Data' to edit account data and on 'Roles' to edit roles.

Tips and tricks for searching:

  • If you do not know the complete name of an user, then put a * behind your search term. For example: Ann*
  • If you only know the e-mail adres of an user, you can put it between quotes. The quiry will now also look in the fields of the personal settings. For example: "".

Tab: Inactive

A user can be inactive when he has created an account, but has not yet confirmed it in the confirmation mail of when he hasn't done this within the 48 hours set for this. Sometimes the confirmation mail is blocked by, for example, a Firewall. As the administrator you can manualy activate, inactive users. Select the users and click on Activate. The users will then be moved to the 'Active' tab. Inactive users cannot do anything in aNewSpring. The other way around it is possible to deactivate active users.

Tab: Archived

To keep the 'Active' tab organised and clear you can archive active users that are no longer active. Select the users and click on Archive to place them under the 'Archived'-tab. To remove users from the archive, select them and click on Dearchive. Archived users cannot do anything in aNewSpring.

Under the tabs you also find the option Import users and Remove learners without a course.

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