Add an instructor to a course (access to statistics and communication with learners)

Last modified: 2015-12-03 15:18:09 +0100

What is an Instructor in aNewSpring?

The instructor has the possibility to view the statistics, can communicate with the learners, shadow a course and assess assignments.

A Mentor is the stripped version of an instructor and can only view statistics. Read more about the Mentor.

Step 1: Give an user the instructor role

You can do this under the Users tab. Add a new user or click on Roles next to an existing user. Check the box under Instructor and when you have Updated, a new tab Instructor will appear. Here you can add the user to a new or existing mentor group. Read more about roles.

Step 2: Create an instructor group

Click via the tab Users on the button Groups. Create a new group under the tab Instructors and add the instructor to the group bij editing the group. This group can be linked to courses where they may view the course statistics and use the other options available for the instructor role.

Step 3: Link the instructor group to the course

Click via the tab Courses on More and then Settings at the course. Next select the tab Instructors to add the instructor group to the course. If this is done, the instructor can use the tab Instruct to gain access..

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