Some widgets are not visisble for the learner. Why?

Last modified: 2015-12-01 12:14:50 +0100

Some widgets are not visible for the learner. The cause can be different for several widgets:

Not visible?:

  • As long as questions are unanswered and there are no extra questions selected in the 'Extra practices' widget, this widget will not be shown.
  • The 'Documentation' widget is not visible when there is no glossary or documentation content part selected.
  • The 'Extra info' widget is not been shown when it is empty.
  • The 'About this course' widget is not been shown in the course template, only on the 'front end'.
  • A custom-widget is not visible when there is no content part selected.

In general:

  • The progress on the activities and objectives are being show by the 'Results' widget.
  • Searching in activity content is being done via the 'Search' widget.

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