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aNewSpring offers seven different template types. For each template you develop you can choose a different type, so there will always be one that is best suited to your needs.

You pay per learner per year. If you subscribe a learner to a course, a license is deducted. For the remainder of the year, you can subscribe this learner to unlimited amounts of courses. If the learner is still subscribed to an active course a year after he/she was first subscribed, a new license will be deducted. On our website you will find more about our pricing.


With a demo you will have the perfect option to promote your learning journey. In this template type you can add a maximum of 15 questions and/or content parts, plus one SCORM-package. You can only use these in activities that do not need an instructor. Participants can subscribe (this can also be done anonymous) themselves for free and will have ten days to complete the demo.

The article 'Create a demo to promote your learning journey' can help you help you create your demo.

Test & Assess

In this type it is only possible to use one activity. This can be an assessment, hand-in assignment, scan or a 360 feedback activity. Taka look at the statistics and export the results.


In this template type it is not possible to create a learning journey. It is only possible to use the MemoTrainer which the learners can use to optimally prepare for an exam. Read more about the MemoTrainer.


Create an complete learning journey, including the MemoTrainer. In this type it is not possible to add activities that require an instructor to assess assignments. It is purely meant for self study by the learners. Communication between learners and instructors is not possible. It is possible to add a mentor to the course. The mentor can take a look at and export statistics only.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is in fact an extension on the e-learning type. Here it is possible to add instructors that can communicate with the learners. You can add activities that need an instructor to assess the assignments done by the learners. Also, the learners have the possibility to ask questions to the instructor after answering questions or when reading content parts.

Social learning

This type is an extension on blended learning. Here it is possible for the learners to discuss among themselves and send messages.

Game based learning

This type is yet again an extension on the previous type, social learning. In this type it is possible to add a rating to activities, such as assessments. The rating can also be configured that it measures the progress of the learner that is the furthest with achieving the learning objectives. That learner will then be number one on the ranking list.

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