The templates page: Next Steps, FAQ’s and concepts

Last modified: 2018-03-05 11:59:14 +0100

Next Steps

  • The creation of a learning journey. Click +Template.
  • Create a course ( when the template is published ). Click +Course and follow the steps in this article: Creating a course.



In a template you create your learning journey. A template consists of lessons, tests, assessments and other activities.

When a template is published, you can create a course from that template. You can subscribe learners to these courses and also add instructors and mentors. You can create multiple courses from a single template.

External ID
With an External ID a integration could be created between aNewSpring and a external system. This is done through the aNewSpring API. This way you can let a external system create the courses and enroll learners.


Creates, edits and publishes templates.

Creates and edits courses. Also subscribes learners and adds instructors and mentors.

Creates courses and access codes.

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