​How do I create a template?

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  • You want to create a new learning journey for your leaners
  • There is an existing template on which you want to base your new learning journey

Required roles for this tutorial

- Designer

- (Optional) Admin with content library management settings turned on

1) Click on +Template to create a new one

In Templates you can create a 'Learning Journey', as we call it. You will be creating a journey in which your learners will learn more about the template subject. To begin, click on +Template at the tab Templates.  

When you clicked that button, you will see the screen where you can edit the following settings:

  • Template name
  • Template type
  • Functionalities
  • Set content libraries
  • Advanced settings (optional)

2) Give the template a name

The name has to be unique and doesn't have to be visible for the learners.

3) Choose the template type

There are a total of 7 template types. What each type does can be found in this article: Template types.

4) Choose the template functionalities

Each template type determines what functionalities you can choose from. For more details, check out this article: Set template functionalities.

5) Set content libraries

A content library contains all the content you can use in this template. The content can be reused in other templates as well.
You can directly create a new content library or select existing content libraries. Note: for this option you also need to be an administrator with content library management rights.

6) Advanced settings (optional)

Three settings can be found here.

  • External ID can be used when linking to an external system using our API.
  • ' Course completing activity' and 'Base course grade on' can be used when the course is played externally via LTI, SCORM and AICC. 

Base a new template on an existing template

To do this, copy an existing template. At the Template tab Click in More next to the template you want to base your new template on. Then choose Copy. You can also edit the template and use the copy button there.

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