What can I do on the Instruct page?

Last modified: 2017-02-28 11:29:57 +0100

When you have the role 'Instructor', it is possible to guide the learners of a course.

The Instruct page is designed for instructors and mentors.
There can only add an instructor when the course is social learning, blended learning or game based learning. A mentor can be linked to all kind of courses.

As an intructor you can do the following things:

  • Watching statistics and create exports of the learner-, course- and content statistics.
  • Shadow the course to experience the course as a learner does.
  • Add documentation anf files for the learners.
  • Send messages to (individualy) learners.
  • Send general notifications.
  • Discuss with learners.
  • Assess assignments.
  • Get notifications of finished activities.
  • Add events to the calendar.
  • Create a planning for activities.
  • Assign activities to specific learners.

When you only are a mentor, it is only possible to watch the progress and statistics of the learners.

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