How does instructor's dashboard work?

Last modified: 2017-02-28 14:40:40 +0100

At the tab Instruct you see a list of the courses that you have access to as an instructor or mentor.

Tab: Courses

Star: Mark courses as favorites. Sort them to the top of the list.

Envelope: Go to the communication centre to send your learners a message. This option is only available in a blended, social or gamebased learning course types.
Graduation cap: Assess when the course contains assignments that you must approve as an instructor.
Eye: Shadow the course to experience the course as a learner does. This option is only available when the course is blended, social or game based learning. When you see a stripe true the eye, you already shadow the course.
Dashboard: Overview of all statistics.

Learner statistics: View the progress and results of the learners.
User progress and results: View the progress on course activity level and see at a glance which learners have completed which courses.
Content statistics: View the difficulty of the questions and see at a glance which questions are answered right or wrong on average.

Calendar: Add items. This option is only available at blended, social or game-based learning course types.
Settings: Add documents, (de)activate course activities, change the MemoTrainer settings and decide which learners you will be teaching and which not.

Tab: Learners

Watch the statistics of the learners individualy.
Click Filter to get an overview of the learners of one course.

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