What content part type can I choose?

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In aNewSpring it's possible to use different types of content. You can add these types using the Plus-editor. Read more about the plus-editor and how to add content parts in the article 'Add content parts'.

With some content part types it is possible to use external tools. Knowledge of these tools is a prerequisite. For support please contact the tools' creators.


1) Format

We recommend to use these format styles for creating content. The format is linked with the css and this will benefit the consistency of the text. If you have your own look and feel made by us, the styles will be converted automatically.

2) LaTeX Editor

With the LaTeX Editor you can add math formulas. On the website http://www.codecogs.com/latex/eqneditor.php you can create the formulas and then paste the code in the editor, so learners will see the intended formula.

3) Select supporting file

Click this button to add a PDF, Word or another supporting file.

4) Linking to another content part

Click this icon to link to another content part. You will see a link and when clicking it, the content part will appear in a pop-up screen.

5) Hyperlinks

You can link a word or a sentence to an external internet page. Click the first icon, as shown in the image above at number 3. Fill in the URL of the page you want to link to and indicate how you want this page to be shown. The most used option is to show the link in the current screen, where the link will replace the course that the learner is in, or to show the link in a new screen.

6) Remove layout

Remove the underlying layout of texts when you have copied text from, for example, Word or a website. It is important you always use this option when copying content from an external program.


Select an existing image or select and upload a new image by clicking +Upload. Select the image you want to use, click on Edit Image to crop or mirror the selected image.

You can add Hotspots to the images. With this option it is possible for the learners to click on an (in)visible spot in the image, which will make a pop-up with text or a link to a content part visible.  

Click on + Hotspot to determine where you want to place the hotspot, after this you click on Edit to add text. With Hotspot visibility you can determine how the hotspot will be shown in the image


Flash is not supported on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and the latest versions of Android phones and tablets. The Flash content will not be displayed on these devices.


When selecting this option, you can add a link to the video on Youtube. You can find this link by pressing "Share" below the clip on Youtube.
The link will look similar to this: http://youtu.be/62WD5vxI8wM


Vimeo is, just like Youtube, a service which allows you to upload video's with different types of video formats. When you get a Vimeo Pro account you can protect your video from overall view and only let them be shown in your learning environment.

You need the link to the video on Vimeo, which you can find in the address bar, the link will look similar like this: https://vimeo.com/54355281


Prezi is an online tool which allows you to create engaging presentations.

The link for Prezi is to be found by clicking "Share" at a presentation.
A link would look similar to this: http://prezi.com/i11j7gvffr60/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

Google Docs Viewer

View PDF, Word or PowerPoint files in the Google Docs viewer. When you click update and test, the file will be directly visible in the content part.


Slideshare is an online tool for making presentations using PowerPoint or PDF files.
The link for the online presentation is found by clicking "Share" in Slideshare.


Issuu is an online service that makes it possible to show PDF files in an appealing manner.
With the help of the embed code, which you get with each Issuu file, it is possible to place it in aNewSpring.


You can use HTML. With the Editor button you can also change the text in the editor.

MS Office viewer

Add PowerPoint, Word and Excel files to aNewSpring. A selected file will be shown in the canvas.

You can choose the aspect ratio when uploading Vimeo, Prezi, Slideshare, ISSUU and MS Office files.


Add a website to a content part with iFrame. Paste the url of a website in the URL-field and choose Ok.

Cue Point

With Cue Point you can add a timed summery list to movies and optionaly add effects to the list.

First add a movie to the content part with Youtube or Vimeo. Next, create a new box and add the Cue Point there.


When using List you can add all kinds of lists to the content part (a checklist, for example).

The list items can be provided with a content part for extra information.

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