Organize a webinar

Last modified: 2017-09-18 15:41:32 +0200

Organize a webinar meeting using a webinar tool. It doesn't matter which tool you use, as long as it contains a universal link which allows all learners to log into the webinar. Tools that provide a unique link for each learner, cannot be used in aNewSpring.

The following tools are tested and can be used in aNewSpring:

  • Webex
  • Go to meeting
  • Adobe connect
  • Go to webinar
  • ClickWebinar
It could be that the designer of the course template has already organized a webinar. In that case, no action needs to be taken. You can only organize a webinar if the designer of the course template has added a webinar activity to the course.


First, create a webinar activity in the course template and publish it. If you do not have the designer role, please ask someone who has access to the template to created this activity for you. Navigate to the 'Instructor' tab. You'll find the option 'Settings' in the dropdown menu, after you click on 'More' behind the course you want to add the webinar to

Click on the webinar activity in the activities list on this page. Next, place an universal link which allows the learners to log into the webinar. Once the link is in place, click on Update. If the activity is not active in the course, then check the box under 'Active' and click on 'Update' at the bottom of the page. The activity is now visible for all learners.

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