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Last modified: 2017-02-28 11:53:46 +0100

As a designer you can create an online meeting with the webinar activity. To do this you plan a meeting with e.g., Go to meeting or Adobe Connect. These tools among others are developed to organize online meetings. 

Create an account in one of these tools and plan a meeting. Then place the link to this meeting in the Webinar activity in aNewSpring. After starting the activity, learners will directly go to the online webinar.

An instructor can also place a link into an existing webinar activity.


Click +Activity in a template and choose 'Webinar'. You can find instructions for creating a template in the article 'How do I create a basic course?'.

In the new activity you can place a link to the online meeting. All webinar tools where a universal link enables the learners to take part in meetings can be placed in these activities.

Webinar tools where every learner gets a separate link cannot be used in these activities.

The tools below are tested and can be used in aNewSpring:

  • webex
  • go to meeting
  • adobe connect
  • go to webinar
  • ClickWebinar
  • Socrative

When the learner clicks the Start button in the activity, the webinar opens in a new window.

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