Getting started!

Last modified: 2017-04-19 13:14:47 +0200

Below we will explain what you can find on the Getting started page in the learning environment.

1) Create your first learning path in 7 steps

Per check icon there will be a text under the bar. This way we will take you through the steps of creating a course step by step.
Once you have completed all 7 steps you will see that the bar will have filled up to 100%.
Per step you will see which actions you need to do these steps.

2) Environment settings

You can change environment settings here.
You can choose a theme and you can upload a logo to personalize the platform that way without making big changes.

3) Add-Ons

Here you can turn on the screenreader functionality.

4) Support

If you have a question, a remark or you cannot find something on our online support page, you can click the Support button here to send us an e-mail with your question directly. Our support team will receive that and will help you to answer all your questions and remarks.

5) Licences

At the licences overview you will see how many licences are left in your learning environment.
If you click Licence statement, you will go to a page where you can find all details for your licence:
The amount of licences left, how many have been used and for what the have been used.
If you have resellers, you will also have an overview of resellers here. You can see how many licences have been used per reseller.

Buy more
By clicking Buy more, you can buy more licences by indicating the amount of licences your want to buy under Prepay.
Paying for licences upfront is possible through credit card, iDeal and PayPal.

Discount pricing plan
The discount pricing plan indicate how many licences you pay per course type per learner and which course type is suitable for which kind of use.
You will also find an overview of the purchase of licences and the price per purchase.

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