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Last modified: 2017-02-28 11:18:23 +0100

What can I do on the Managing instructor learner tab at the course settings?

Link a specific group of learners to a instructor. The instructor can only guide these specific learners. Learners can only ask questions to instructor(s) they have been linked to.

Where can I link/unlink the instructors to learners?

Expand the template under the Courses tab so the course appears. Click Settings. Or click Edit in the template to go to the Courses tab. Click the Settings icon: .

How can I link/unlink the instructors to learners?

Unlinking learners

Unlink learners by checking the boxes next to their names and clicking on Unlink. The learners you are guiding have black dot in the column Linked. You can check the box For all courses if you want to unlink the learners for all the courses they are being guided by the instructor. If you only select the learners in the right column and then click on Unlink, they will be unlinked from all instructors.

NOTE: When you want to unlink a learner, make sure you select the learner in the left column instead of the instructor. (click on the plus to see the learners the instrucor is guiding).
If you select the instructor on the left side and the learner on the right side, then all learners will be unlinked from that instructor.

Linking learners

Select one or more learners that are not linked and click on Link.

Tips and tricks

  • If you have multiple courses that has the same learners and instructors, you can make these settings the same for all courses. Check For all courses when unlinking or linking learners to instructors.
  • Use the filter function in both columsn for a better overview.
  • Place your cursor on the column Linked behind a learner. Then you will see which instructors are linked to this learner.
  • You can select multiple learners at the same time by clicking a checkbox and dragging over the other checkboxes:

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