Processing orders

Last modified: 2018-06-12 14:19:29 +0200

In the order overview, you can see what products you have sold. When a order has been placed, the catalogue manager will receive an email notification of an order. The Support Team can help you to set up the catalogue manager


Click on Orders.


You can click on View next to the orders to see the full details of each order.

The status of orders can differ depending on the payment method. A few examples follow.


In the example given below, the status is 'Completed'. This means that the payment has been approved and the access code or registration link has been sent to the learner.

Payment status

If the catalogue is linked to Buckaroo, an access code or registration link will be sent to the learner automatically the moment the payment has been approved.


If the access code or registration link has not been sent yet, you can click Handling. The learner will receive an access code or registration link in their mailbox.


For example if the learner does not pay, you can Decline the order. In the overview of all orders, you can always find the order and process it again or delete it completely.

In the following scheme, you will find a description of the steps when processing an order:

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