Creating access codes

Last modified: 2017-09-15 13:30:11 +0200

Create access codes so learners can create an account and get access to a course. See also 'Creating a course'


You can add them under the Reseller tab. Go to 'Access codes' and you will see the overview below.


First, create an access code group. Click +Group.

Give a name to the group and select the course(s) for which you want to use the access codes. Choose 'New course' to create a new course from an existing template. Then click Create.

Indicate how many codes you want to create and click Create.

By clicking Copyable version, you can copy and paste the selected codes to a Microsoft Office program (Word or Excel).

Access codes can be moved to other groups. These can only be groups of the same template. To do this click Move.

A licence is valid for a year starting on the date that the learner first starts the course. If the learner has been subscribed to a course for more than a year, licences will be deducted again.

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