How do I assess learners' assignments?

Last modified: 2018-05-02 16:29:16 +0200

Learners may get assignments that you need to assess as an instructor. This can be done in different ways, but all via the 'Instruct'-tab.


At the 'Instruct' tab, click the Assess () icon. It is only possible to assess when a red number is depicted next to the icon. This number indicates the amount of assignments that have to be assessed.


The assessments are divided into different categories. Such as Skill assignments, External activities, 360° feedback and open questions.
To assess a Skill assignment or External activity, you can click on the name of the learner A new screen will open in which you can see the assignment which the learner has handed in. You can open the file the learner send, by clicking on the link behind Content. You can grade it (depending on settings), pass it or fail it. When a learner has failed, you can decide if the learner may try again. You can also leave a comment for the learner. When done, click on Update.

At the 360 degrees feedback, click Start to fill out the questionnaire. 360° feedback assessments are self-assessments. Learners can afterwards also ask others to answer the questions. This enables the learner to compare the feedback to get a better idea of himself and his progress.

You can choose whether you assess the learners per activity or whether you assess all the handed in work of one learner. Click at the tab Activities or the tab Learners.

Hand-in assignment

Click the submitted files at Content to download them. Examine the assignment, then you can write a comment if you want and click Update.

A given Passed is irreversible. Give the learner a failed when he has to correct something. It is also possible to fail and close the activity. Then the learner can't hand in a second attempt.

Open question

Click the Assess button for a learner. You can give a point for the answer and submit an explanation.

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