Set template functionalities

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Choose the 'Templates' tab and click Edit and next choose the Settings tab.


When in the settings overview of the template you can change the name and set different properties. Also you can select a course type if the course has not been published yet.

Template type
Every template type has different aspects to it and not every option shown below is available for every course type. Some options below are only visible in the course type Social or Game Based Learning.

Discussions on course overview
In the course overview learners can share information, ask questions and have discussions.
Take a look at the images in the article 'Send and receive messages' below the header 'Recent reactions'.

Discussions in activities

They can also have discussions within activities, if you indicate this at the settings of the activities.

Communication between learners
Learners can send each other private messages.

MemoTrainer statistics
If you want to use the MemoTrainer, check this box. If not, uncheck it.

User profiles
Learners can see an instructor and learner list on the right in their course overview. They can click more... to go to the learners' profiles.

Hide new activities and blocks when they are not available yet
Check this box to hide any activities that are not yet available for the learners in the course.

Show activity suggestions for objectives
Check this box to show a suggestion for the next activity based on learning objectives.

Screenreader functionality
If this is turned on, the text of the questions and content parts will be read out loud to the learners. This way visually impaired learners are able to follow a course well.

If the template has been published, you cannot change the 'Screenreader functionality' and 'Blocks become available one at a time' anymore.

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