Linking objectives to questions in activities

Last modified: 2016-10-17 16:23:20 +0200

Where do I link learning objectives?

Choose the 'Courses' tab and click Edit behind the template where you want to link the learning objectives. 

Then choose the Template tab and then the Activities tab

Create a new activity (see 'step 2 creating a course structure' in the 'Scenario: How do I create a simple course?') or click Edit behind an existing activity.

Go to the Objectives tab.

How do I link learning objectives?

You can add objectives to each question in the activity. Do you want to use the names of the subfolders in the content as objectives? Click on folders in the content as objectives? Click on Use folders structure form the content library as learning objective.

Select (multiple) questions and link them with the dropdown menu and objective.
Select multiple questions by clicking the checkboxes and then dragging over other checkboxes.

If the objective is not yet in the dropdown menu, you can add one by writing it in the input field. Click + Add.

You can link multiple objectives to the questions, they will appear as tags behind the questions. Remove tags by clicking the crosses.

Then click Update to save the changes.

If the template and activity have been published, no more objectives can be added or removed to/from questions.

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