Learning objective profile targets and scoring

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Learning objectives

Learning objectives are inseparably related to Learning profile targets. In a learning profile target you can weigh the learning objectives. Within an adaptive block activities which will best help achieve the learning profile target will be offered to the learner. So if a learner doesn't score that well on a learning objective, the platform will offer an activity which pays the most attention to that learning objective.

Standardly the learning profile target is set to 80%. This means the learners have to score 80% on learning objectives. It is possible to create multiple profile targets which enable you to choose a different target profile per course.

Where do I adjust the learning profile target?

Click on Edit next to the template for which you want to change the profiles. First select the Template-tab and then click the Learning objectives-tab. Here you find the option Set learning profile target.

How does the scoring work?

When a learner answers questions correctly, the points (each question represents one point) are added to the total score of that particular learning objective. When answering questions incorrectly, points will be reducted from the total score of that particular learning objective. Example: two questions are answered correctly on a learning objective and one question is answered incorrectly. The target profile will then be calculated to be 1 (+2-1=1).

Setting the target profile

Base value
The maximum amount of points that can be accumulated for this learning objective. Because a question equals 1 point, this number represents all questions linked to that learning objective.

You can slide the weight tab per learning objective, which results in different difficulties with every learning objective. Using the Global weight slider you can at once determine the base value for all the learning objectives. The weight of all the learning objectives are standardly set on 80%. This means that learners have to soce 80% in order to achieve the learning objective.

The amount of points that have to be accumulated in order to complete the learning objective.

Set multiple learning objectives
You can save multiple target profiles which makes it possible to seperate varying learner levels in seperate courses.

Using the Global weight you can at once determine the percentage the learner has to achieve on the base value of the learning objectives. Change the weight of the learning objectives and then click on Save and set Profile name and Title. You can repeat this process to add several learning profile targets.

Of you have the role administrator you can set different learning profile targets for different courses in the Course settings. Please read more about setting these profiles in the article 'Course settings - Tab: Settings'

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