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Last modified: 2017-07-17 14:12:46 +0200

What is a glossary?

Using a glossary will enable you to explain certain words/terms. The specified terms will be underlined and when clicking on it, the given definition will be shown.
This function only works within content parts.

Where can I create a glossary?

When on the Content page, click on More next to the content library you want to add the glossary items to. Then select the option Glossary.

How do I add terms to the glossary?

When in the glossary overview, click on +Term to add a term to the glossary. This term will be underlined in the content parts. When creating a new term, you also need to add a definition (or discription) to explain that specific term. This text will be shown when clicking on the underlined word. You can also add a synonym to that specific term. You can add this by clicking on +Synonym in the glossary overview.

How do I remove terms from the glossary?

Select the terms you like to remove and click on Remove or on the red cross behind the term.

How do use the glossary in a course template?

The next step is to add the Glossary to the course template. Read more about it in this article: Glossary: using and creating a glossary.

Importing a glossary

It is also possible to import a Glossary.

Make a CSV excel file with the name glossary.csv. In the first column you put the term and in the second column you can add the explanation. Put csv file in a ZIP-file and import it as internal content in a content library.

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