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Feature requests: how does it work?

We are continuously working on improving aNewSpring. Feature requests help us to discover your needs and expectations. Please do not hesitate to send in feature requests via the community of by sending us a ticket.

How do we handle feature requests?

Every week we have the so-called feature request meeting. In this meeting we discuss all features that have come in and check which are compliant to our ideas for aNewSpring. Our goal is to add features and optimizations that benefit the majority of our customers. We share the requests in the lists below. Each contains their own categories that are linked to a certain project. Features are matched to those projects.

For example: instructors, reporting engine, catalogue, soft skills etc. 

Current Iteration

All features/tickets that will be added in the coming release will be placed here.


The list of tickets/features in the backlog are frequently prioritized. Each release the tickets with the highest priority are put in 'Current Iteration'.

Backlog Quick Win

Quick wins are features that can have a lot of impact, but cost little time to develop. These tickets are also frequently prioritized. Each release, some quick wins with the highest priority are put in the 'Current Iteration'.


All remaining feature requests are put in this list according to the matching project. If a certain project is picked up in a release, next to the backlog tickets, we check all tickets linked to that project and make a new selection. This selection will be added to the new release.

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