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Last modified: 2017-02-28 12:09:29 +0100

With a hand-in assignment learners can upload files that can be assessed by an instructor or external assessor. The hand-in assignment can only be used in a blended, social or game-based learning template. A hand-in assignment can be seen by fellow learners and discussions can be held. This has to be configured in the settings.

Where can I create a hand-in assignment?

When editing a course template, you can create a new activity under the tab Template by clicking on +Activity. As activity type you select the Hand-in assignment.

How do I configure the Hand-in assignment?


Please not that the standard settings cannot be altered when the course template is published. 

Participants can see each others files: Learners can see each others hand-in assignments.

Discussions are allowed in the hand-in assignment: Learners can discuss with each other about their hand-in assignments (only available for certain template types, see above)

Assessment possible: Instructors can mark the assignment als Passed or Failed (close activity). If the instructor selects Failed, the learner will have a retry possibility.

External assessor allowed: The learner has the option to invite someone external to assess his hand-in assignment.

Add numeric score to assessment: You can let the system calculate the final grade based on the assessment criteria or by letting the instructor fill in a grade manually. If the instructor grades the assignment lower then the treshold, the learner will have the option to do a retake.

Allow learner to complete assignment after upload: The learner can complete the activity once he has uploaded the files.

Canvas size: The size of the canvas in which the hand-in assignment is shown.

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