The communication centre

Last modified: 2017-02-28 11:59:19 +0100

The overview of all incoming and outgoing messages and notifications.


Messages are divided into three categories:

Messages: Personal message from the instructor or another learner.
Social notifications: A discussion message that has been placed somewhere in the course.
General notifications: This could be a message that a new MemoTraining is available.

You will find the communication centre by clicking the Envelope next to your name. Click the message or click Communication centre  to go to the Inbox. Click the icon of two speech bubbles to see the notifications of discussions message in the course. Click the message to go to the discussion directly. Click the third icon to go to the General notifications directly.


You will find an overview of the different kinds of messages in the Communication centre.
Click New message to send a message to a specific learner. An announcement is a message that you can send to all learners in a course. Deleted messages can be found in the Trash bin

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