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When a course template is published you can add multiple courses to it. This way you can give a group of students access to the course.

Where can I add a course?

Click under the tab Courses on + Course in a published template. See also 'Publishing a course template'.

Or first click Edit in the template, go to the tab Courses and click + Course.

How can I add a course?

Enter a unique name for the course. This is also the name that will be shown to the students. Make sure to fill in which subenvironment the course belongs to. Choose the subscription method (be aware that the course you chose can't be changed later on) and press add. See below for the description per subscription method.

To add users you will need user licenses.

By administrator

As an administrator, you can create an account for the student and subscribe the student for a course. See this article 'How can I add users to aNewSpring?'.

Administrators will always be able to subscribe students to a course manually, even if you picked another subscription method.

With access codes

Users with the reseller role can create access codes, which gives the student access to the learning environment. After logging on the student can create their own account and subscribe to the course.'
See this article 'Creating access codes'.

The access code is valid for a year after the student logs in for the first time.

A student group

Subscription via student group is interesting when students are in a fixed group in which each student takes the same courses. You can subscribe a student group to a course at once. Before you can create a group, students have to have an account in the system. How to add groups and manage them you can read in 'Managing groups'.

You first have to create a learner group, before creating a course from a template.

With the help of a Student Import CSV file

If you need to subscribe many students, it might be an advantage to use the student import file. We have an article 'Importing users' which describes how you can use the file and there is an example file on how the CSV has to look like before you import it.

The disadvantage of the student import is that it is really prone to error. The CSV file will have to be flawless. If this is not the case, details can be processed the wrong way. Be precise when filling in the file.

Via an external solution

Choose this option if learners are subscribed via our API or if you want to export the course as SCORM or AICC.

By anonymous learner

Let students subscribe themselves to a course anonymously. This is a common subscription for the Demo course type.

By learner

Let students subscribe themselves to a course. This is a common subscription for the Demo course type.

Through the webshop

If you want to offer a course through the web shop, you will have to choose the subscription method Access code. Students will receive an access code to create an account in the system and to access the bought course.
A reseller has the possibility to set up a catalogue. For more information, read the article 'Using the catalogue'.

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