Tutorial: How do I create a basic course?

Last modified: 2017-10-23 16:36:25 +0200

1) Creating a template

Choose the 'Courses' tab and click the + Template button to create a template.

Set the properties for the template. You can find more information in the article 'Set template properties'.

You can create a new content library right away or you can select an existing content library if you've already created the content.

Click Create to confirm.

Are you a designer, but can you not add content folders? Ask the administrator for access to the content folders that you need.

2) Creating a course structure

Choose the Template tab. You can create a structure by adding blocks. A block is a collection of learning activities that a learner can open. You can add learning activities by clicking + Activity. The aNewSpring platform offers several learning activities with each their own specific properties:

  • Lesson
  • Documentation
  • Assignment
  • Skill assignment
  • Assessment
  • Random assessment
  • Scan
  • Inquiry
  • 360 degrees feedback
  • External Activity
  • Certificate

For specifications per activity read the article 'Which activities can I use in a template?' and 'General settings of activities'.

Click Edit behind the activities that you have created to add content. To do this, choose the Activity content tab. Change the sequence of the questions and content parts by choosing the Activity content tab. Finally click Update and next to start filling the next activity with content.

3) Testing and publishing

Click the Test button to see the effect of the lay-out in the course.

You can only test a template if no blocks and activities are empty.

Learners can take a course once the template has been published. To do this, click the Publish button.

Once a template has been published, you cannot change or delete created activities anymore.

4) Creating a course

Once the template has been published, only administrators can add learners to the course. Create a course from the template by choosing the Courses tab.
The course's name will eventually be visible to the learners.
Choose which reseller gets access to this course. More information about this in this article: Creating a course.

aNewSpring advises designers to use modern browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. These browsers are faster than e.g. Internet Explorer.

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