What are exam terms?

Last modified: 2017-02-28 13:48:05 +0100

What are exam terms?

You can link exam terms to a question to let the system know that this particular question is an exam question. When you use exam terms you will later on be able to create and test different test exams with random questions. When using the exam terms, you are able to create random assessments which generates questions linked to the exam terms.

When there are 20 questions with the same exam term in a random assessment activity, you can set that learners have to answer 10 out of 20 questions. Those 10 questions are generated out of the 20 questions with the exam term. This way you can create a random test exam which changes with every try. This way you are able to generate exams that are similar to the real ones.

Note! Exam terms can not be added or changed after the questions have been taken into use by a published template. Please decide if you want to use exam terms before making your template.

Where can I add exam terms?

Exam terms can be added in two different ways, either via the tab Content in the main menu or when you are creating a (new) question.

Creating exam terms via Content

Click on More behind the content library where you want to add exam terms. In this drop-down menu you then select Exam Terms.

You now see the exam term overview. Click on +Exam TermsĀ to add new exam terms. In the overview you can delete and rename existing exam terms (only when template is not published).
Exam terms with a gray cross have been linked to questions and can not be deleted. When clicking on the small black dot, you'll see exactly in which templates the exam term is being used.

Creating exam terms via questions

Click on Update next to the question where you want to add an exam term. Then navigate (if not allready there) to Settings. Here you can add an exam term to the question. To create a new exam term here, you will have to type in a new one in the exam term form. When finished do not forget to Update. The new exam term is no created and will be visible in the overview as well.

Do you want to know how to create questions? Take a look at this article: 'Adding questions'.

How do I add exam terms?

When at the Settings tab when editing a question, you can select (or create, see above) an exam term here from a drop-down menu. Please do not forget to update when done.

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