What question type should I choose?

Last modified: 2017-02-28 11:54:30 +0100

The way questions work is differs between a knowledge content library and an evaluation content library. 

Read this article to see the differences: What is the difference between a knowledge and evaluation content library?

Multiple Choice

With a Multiple Choice question only one answer is correct.

Multiple Response

With a Multiple Response question multiple answers can be correct.


With a fill in the blank question the answer has to be filled in a sentence.


With hotspot questions learners have to click on the correct part of an image.

Essay item (open question)

With an essay item learners can fill in a text as an answer to the question. The instructor or learner can decide if he or she answered correctly by comparing their answer with a predefined answer.
It is also possible for the instructor (and learner if so desired) to grade the answer.

Matrix question (knowledge content library)

A matrix question gives you the possibility to ask multiple questions. This gives you two options:

One set of answer possibilities for all subquestions.

  • Each question has the same answers to choose from. 


Different answers per subquestion.

  • Each question can contain different answers to choose from.

The matrix question can also be a mix of multiple choice and multiple response questions.

Note that the last two options mentioned above are only available in the knowledge content library.

Matrix question (evaluation content library)

See the article 'Matrix question in an evaluation content folder'.

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