Tutorial: 'Replacing' activity in a published template

Last modified: 2017-07-17 14:31:10 +0200

It is possible to 'replace' activities or blocks in a published course template. It is always possible to add activities and blocks to a published template:

  1. You can copy an activity and change the contents and/or settings. You can also create a new activity.
    Make sure this activity is completed before continuing to step 2. When the activity is copied you can rename the old one, so the new activity can have the right name.

  2. Next publish the new activity in the template by clicking on the globe icon or when editing the activity by clicking on Publish.
    When you published you will be asked if this activity needs to be activated in active courses related to this template.

  3. Now hide the old activity. When you hide the activity, you can indicate if this activity needs to be deactivated in all active courses.
    If you do not want it deactivated in all courses, do not use this option. It is better to go to the individual course and deactivate it there. To do this, go to the course settings and to the tab 'Activities'. Uncheck the box of the old activity and click on 'Update'. The activity is now deactivated for this specific course.

The old activity is now no longer visible for the learners. This also means that the progress on the old activity is no longer visible for them.

You can also copy the whole template and make the changes there. This template will be published separately. This means you will need to create new courses for this template.

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