Appointing the reseller role

Last modified: 2017-02-28 13:33:01 +0100

Users with the reseller role can manage the catalogue and create access codes for learners. This will allow them to gain access to a course.
As the administrator you can give other users the role of 'reseller' and give them access to the subenvironments you want. They can then also manage the options mentioned before.


Go to the tab 'Users'.

If the user is already a reseller, then you can click on the black dot in the column 'Reseller'. You can also approach this by clicking on 'Roles' and then navigate to the tab 'Reseller'. Via 'Roles' you can also give the user the reseller role.

When at the tab 'Reseller' in the overview of the user, you will find the subenvironments that are available to this user. To add subenvironments in which he can work, click on +Subenvironment. Select the subenvironments he can have access to and click update. He has now access to the subenvironments you selected.

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