Publishing a course template

Last modified: 2017-12-08 16:55:08 +0100

When you are done creating the template, it can be published. It is only posible to subscribe learners to a course template once it is published and courses are created.

Not everything can be changed when a template is published. Read more about it at the bottom of this article.

Where can I publish the course template?

Navigate to the tab Courses for the course template overview. Find the template you want to publish and follow the steps below.

How do I publish a course template?

Click on Publish when under the button More. If you are editing the course template, you can also publish it there.

Not everything can be changed when a template is published.

Settings that cannot be altered after publishing:

  • Alter or remove previously created activities
  • Alter or remove previously created blocks
  • Alter or remove previously added conditions
  • Alter the course type
  • Adding, removing or altering learning objectives
  • Alter the learning profile target(s)
  • Adding, removing or altering exam terms
  • Alter the training type of the MemoTrainer
  • Alter the settings of the Extra practices

'Replace' activities in published templates

It is possible to 'replace' activities or blocks in a published template. It is always possible to add activities and blocks to a published template:

If you replace an activity, the old activity is no longer visible for the learners. This also means that the progress on the old activity is no longer visible for them. You can also copy the whole template and make the changes there. This template will be published separately and so will be the new courses created to this template.

After publishing

After the template has been published, one or more courses can be added. Learners are subscribed to courses. This function is available for the administrator. Read more about it in 'Creating a course'.

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