How to plan in the Calendar for learners

Last modified: 2018-07-25 11:52:19 +0200

Add entries for the learners. This way they cannot forget when they need to hand something in, or when an exam takes place.


At the tab 'Teach' you can click the Calendar icon. 

How to add an calendar event

Click + Event to make a new entry. Here you can select the subject, date and time for the calendar entry

Link your calendar

Click Link calendar to link the calendar with an external program. Paste the link that appears in the other calendar that you are using, provided that the other program supports this feature.

Export your calendar

Click Export calendar to export it as an ICS file. These can be opened in Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar for example. 

How to create a planning

It is possible to create a planning for all learners within a course. Click on Create planning in the calendar overview. Here you can set the date and time. You can also choose to send automated notifications a few days in advance before the activity should be completed.

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