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Last modified: 2017-07-17 14:21:12 +0200

Below you find an example of what a documentation widget can look like to a learner. In this case PDF files have been selected for display. Also there has been made use of a Glossary. You can also use the other possibilities that are available to content parts in the documentation widget.


Choose the Courses tab in the main menu and then click Edit behind the template you want to change the documentation widget settings.


In the documentation widget a content part can be displayed with e.g. text, image, video or the other possibilities that are available to content parts.

First create a content part that you want to use in the documentation widget. Read here how to create a content part.

After you have created the content part, select the content part in the documentation widget.

Select glossaries

If you make use of Glossaries, you can select them here.

Show documentation above blocks

If you click here, the documentation widget will be shown above the first block in the course template.

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