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The API can be used to send commands or information to aNewSpring or to request information. This can help you to e.g. manage your resources (like users, courses, subscriptions etc.) in aNewSpring and keep them synchronised (up to date) with your own database.

  • A simple explanation about the API
  • Technical information about the API (for developers)


The learning environment can automatically send webhooks with results of a course or activity to an external server each time that a learner finishes a course or activity.

  • A simple explanation about Webhooks
  • Technical information about Webhooks (for developers)

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) can be used in integrations with an external system. If your users can log in to your external system and you don't want to provide them with two sets of login details, you can make your external system the primary entrance of both systems.

  • A simple explanation about Single Sign-On
  • Technical information about Single Sign-On (for developers)