aNewSpring offers seven different types of templates in which you can build a learning journey. Below you will find an explanation for each type, so you can decide which one is most suitable for your course.


With a demo you have the possibility to promote your learning journey.

Specific traits

  • Max. 15 questions and/or content parts.
  • Max. 1 SCORM activity.
  • All activity types, except for (video) hand-in assignment and event.
  • MemoTrainer
  • Subscribed learners will get access for 10 days.
  • Learners can subscribe themselves for free (anonymous subscriptions are optional).
  • Mentor group

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Test & Assess

Choose this type if your learners need to do only one assessment or inquiry in the learning environment. For example an exam.

Specific traits

  • Max. 1 activity
  • You can only add one of these activities: Assessment, (Video) hand-in assignment, Inquiry, Scan or 360 degrees feedback.
  • Instructor- and mentor group


Give your learners the option to train questions with the MemoTrainer to optimally prepare for an exam.

Specific traits

  • MemoTrainer
  • No learning journey with activities
  • Mentor group


This type is designed for creating complete learning journeys with MemoTrainer that learners start and finish completely independently. No forms of communication are possible with an instructor or other learners.

Specific traits

  • All activity types, except for (video) hand-in assingment, 360 degrees feedback, event and webinar.
  • MemoTrainer.
  • Mentor group.

Blended Learning

Combine classroom lessons with online learning.

Specific traits

  • All activity types. 
  • Have instructors assess hand-in assignments and open questions.
  • 'Ask question to instructor' in lessons.
  • MemoTrainer
  • Calendar with the option to plan activities
  • Instructor group and mentor group
  • Communication centre for communication between a learner and their instructor.

Social Learning

This is an extension to Blended Learning. Choose this type if you would also like your learners to communicate with each other.

Specific traits

  • See the traits of Blended Learning
  • Discussions within activities
  • Communication centre for communication between learners.

Game Based Learning

This is an extension to Social Learning. Add a ranking to an activity and the learning journey. You can also do this based on objectives. The learner with most progress on objectives, will be number 1 on top of the list.

Specific traits

  • See the traits of Social Learning
  • Show a high score list of learners in the learning journey
  • Show a high score list of learners at the results of assignments and assessments.