Under the Instruct tab you will find an overview of all courses to which you have access as an instructor or mentor.

Necessary roles

Instructor or mentor

These are the options under the Courses tab:


Mark courses as a favourite. If there are many courses in your overview, you can show only the starred courses with the Filter button .


Go to the Communication Center and send messages to the learners.

Graduation cap

This course has activities that need to be assessed. If there is a red icon with a number, there are assignments that still have to be assessed.


Experience the learning journey as the learners by shadowing the course. When you are shadowing the course, the eye turns blue and you can also find the courses under Home.


Click this button to go to the dashboard of the course. View the progress of the learners and see more options to manage the learners and course.


Via the button more you can quickly proceed to the following options that you can also find in the Dashboard:

  • View statistics
  • Set up a calendar
  • Change course settings
If you don't see an option or setting, this is because you don't have necessary rights, or because the learning journey is not equipped with that feature. Check with the administrator of the learning environment.

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