API, Single Sign-On and WebHooks

Last modified: 2017-02-28 12:19:20 +0100

Using the API certain functions can be executed from an external system (LMS, user registration system, etc), like adding users or subscribing learners to a course.
Using WebHooks, an external system can receive a message when e.g. an activity is finished by a learner.
Using Single Sign-On (SSO), users from an external system can be logged in to the platform without the need for entering their username and password again. SAML can also be used for this purpose.

With the API certain functions like the addition of users and the subscription of users to a course can be executed from an external system, e.g. an LMS or a user registration system.

You will find a further explanation in the file below.

To establish a connection with aNewSpring you will need a API key, which you can request at our support.

The API specifications can be found by adding /apidocs at the end of the url of your environment.
For example: learningjourneys.anewspring.com/apidocs

Please fill in the API key you received from support and type it in at the top right corner. When you have done this, you can begin testing the API.

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